Live by These Words

Remember God

Serve people
Love everyone
Remember God
Pray everyday; do japa mala
This physical world is an illusory and what we have here is impermanent. Don’t loose the spiritual for the temporal
Shiv Puja every Monday


Look after your body
Eat vegetarian – rice, vegetables, milk, butter, ghee, honey, lots of water, natural sweets
Physical exercises to physically exhaust you – weights, pushups, running, swimming, yoga, ride bike
Your body is like a battery; don’t zap all the juice out of your body use it in other ways
Don’t overeat/eat the wrong things
Don’t sleep too much, no napping in the day time


Be engaged
Read books about saints – Buddha, Dhamma, Indian saints
Do work that is mentally and physically engaging
Watch movies etc. for entertainment
Do things you love – wild foods, camping, outdoors stuff, help people, study and play music, cooking,
Build a lifestyle business
Build YogiTonics website to help others about stuff you learnt
Have a project to work on e.g. bike paint, instrument repair, grow op, online project
Drawing class, guitar, flutes, photography, hiking, foraging, gardening, wood work, web development/digital marketing, non-duality, travel, swimming, diving, sailing, watersports, nature, business, film making, massage/reflexology, herbs, cooking.


Live morally and ethically
Revere your Mother
Revere your Father
Worship God
Read Scripture
Don’t tell lies
Keep a morning and evening routine
Sex needs love and affection
Don’t let lust over power you
Be humble, sub-due the ego with awareness and reflection
Make merit – donate a portion of regular income to charitable causes, feed renunciates, help the needy, go out of you way to think of others and help them
Live an honest life – work hard for your money, pay taxes, don’t cheat people, over deliver for them
Don’t judge people – see their benefits and positive traits
Don’t use stones for material gains
Don’t think me first; always stop to give your hand to another person whilest on your path






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