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  • The Avadhut Gita Animated Movie

    The Avadhut Gita Animated Movie

    This animation movie is based on the Song of the Avadhut, an ancient Sanskrit text. The spiritual teacher Mooji selected some verses and was recorded reading them. Support the creators and download the full movie in HD at: Animated website here: Download the full text: “The Avadhut Gita is a call to knowledge, the supreme…

  • Shiva’s 112 Ways to Attain Enlightenment

    Shiva’s 112 Ways to Attain Enlightenment

    Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra (sometimes spelt Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) is a 5000 year old Sanskrit text of the Shaivism. The text is a chapter from the Rudrayamala Tantra, a Bhairava Agama. Cast as a discourse between the god Shiva and his consort Devi or Shakti. Devi, asks Shiva to reveal the essence of the way to realisation of the highest reality.…

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – The Threads of Union

    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – The Threads of Union

    on Contemplations on Spiritual Disciplines 3. on Divine Powers 4. on Realizations   Before beginning any spiritual text it is customary to clear the mind of all distracting thoughts, to calm the breath and to purify the heart. Part One on Contemplations 1.1 Now, instruction in Union. 1.2. Union is restraining the thought-streams natural to the mind.…

  • The Song of the Avadhut

    The Song of the Avadhut

      “The Avadhuta Gita is a call to knowledge, the supreme knowledge of ultimate Truth. The Avadhut holds out no compromise with illusion, he offers no foothold on separation, he allows no semblance of duality at all to creep into our perception of reality. Perhaps his knowledge is, for mere man, too sublime, too austere,…

  • Characteristics of those unsuitable to be Gurus

    Proud, ruled by anger, and lacking vows, greedy, without knowledge, working to deceive disciples, a mind that has fallen from great bliss, without initiation, totally attached to wealth, unaware, of harsh and coarse words, filled with carnal desire, the wise disciples should abandon taking such people as causes of complete enlightenment as they would abandon…

  • Brahmananda Swaroopa

    Brahmananda Swaroopa

      Brahmananda Swaroopa, Isha Jagadisha Akhilananda Swaroopa, Isha Mahesha   Brahma refers to the creator. The creator has been described as emptiness, as boundlessness, as light, and as darkness – the ultimate reality. Whatever is the basis of creation, that’s Brahma. And Brahma is Akhila, which means he’s all-pervading. Ananda refers to the blissfulness or…

  • Lord Sri Brahma – The Creator of the Universe

    Lord Sri Brahma – The Creator of the Universe

      Lord Sri Brahma is the first member of the Brahmanical, Sri Vishnu being the second and Sri Rudra or Siva the third. Sri Brahma is the God of Creation. He is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe and all living creations, all the energy’s of dual world’s. Everything that exists is through…