Brahmananda Swaroopa


Brahmananda Swaroopa, Isha Jagadisha
Akhilananda Swaroopa, Isha Mahesha


Brahma refers to the creator. The creator has been described as emptiness, as boundlessness, as light, and as darkness – the ultimate reality. Whatever is the basis of creation, that’s Brahma. And Brahma is Akhila, which means he’s all-pervading.

Ananda refers to the blissfulness or ecstasy of the creator. Swaroopa is ‘an image’. So, we are talking about an image of the ecstasy of the creator.

Isha means that which rules. Jagadisha means the same thing, said in a different way. Jaga means existence. Jagadisha is the ruler of the existence.

That which is everything, the image of that, is Mahesha.

The creator is referred to in so many ways, so we’re saying everything, this whole existence is an image of the ecstasy of the creator.

Source: Sounds of Isha






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